Missing data files on pavlovia

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/walshamyt/three_armed_bandit_covid/html

Description of the problem: I am running an experiment recruiting participants from prolific. On 30/04/20 I released the experiment to 100 people, and I also ran through the task twice myself. I have 96 data files from that day instead of 102. I’m missing data for 6 people. I did notice they all took a very long time to complete the task relative to other participants, but they all clicked through to the end of the experiment (the experiment code is saved in Prolific, and they confirmed that they completed the task with no problems). The other data files (with earlier dates than 30/04/20) are pilot participants.

When I download the data there are 137 csv files and 132 txt files. My experiment page on Pavlova says
Piloting: completed= 12 (09.5%), aborted= 114 (90.5%)
Running: completed= 115 (85.8%), aborted= 19 (14.2%)
and I can’t figure out how those numbers add up.

Any ideas as to whether the data can be recovered? Hopefully I’m missing something obvious. Thanks!


Hi Amy, we have the same issue. We are missing data for 41 participants. Could you figure out what was the problem ? And could you retrieve the data ? Thanks.

Hello, I am having the same issue. Was it resolved for you?

I had the same missing data issue and I was using jsPsych + Pavlovia + Prolific. One way that largely reduced cases of missing data for me is the solution in this post How to provide return link in jsPsych for participants recruited through prolific?. Basically, I suspect that the chance of the data being lost could be reduced by adding a delay after submitting data to Pavlovia and before redirecting to the Prolific completion URL. I was never able to recover the missing data though.

Hi all,
I never managed to recover the files unfortunately

Thank you! Unfortunately, my experiment was created with the builder so using the solution from the post doesn’t seem like it will work.