Missing participant files

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/sthorat/object-grouping

Description of the problem: Pavlovia states that 13 participants have completed the experiment but only provides me with 12 data files! Why is this the case? Also, after Pavlovia is asked to save the data (in my jspsych script), the participants are redirected to Prolific for payment. Prolific states that 15 participants have completed my experiment whereas pavlova states that only 13 have done so. Now Prolific can only log completion once the participants are redirected which happens AFTER data saving, which leads me to believe that this is an issue on Pavlovia’s end. What might be the issue here?

I see that others have posted similar issues but have received no replies (e.g. - Missing data files on pavlovia). Given that Pavlovia is a service institutions are paying for, this is sad, to put it mildly.


Any updates on this issue?
I am seriously considering moving my experiment to other server after losing data and money for recruiting participants on Prolific and hosting my experiment on Pavlovia.