Data lost from Pavlovia despite setting to save incomplete data

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Hello - I’ve been running this study built in the PsychoPy experiment builder and recruiting participants from Prolific. But several datasets have now been lost even though participants spent the right amount of time and tell me that they did the task and their accounts make sense. This issue affected 8 out of 46 participants so it’s pretty frequent.

Possibly the issue may stem from a redirect to the final Qualtrics survey happening too fast, based on this earlier post - but it doesn’t make sense, as I have ‘save incomplete data’ switched on, and a small number of incomplete datasets have been saved.

This is not an issue with Prolific codes going missing - there have been some of those too, but for these ones it’s ok as I can find the data on Pavlovia.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!