Lost data from Pavlovia - How to retrieve?

URL of experiment: RWST-CRP-exp_v13 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I run an experiment via Pavlovia-Prolific in August and everything went rather smoothly. I downloaded the full dataset back then, analyzed my results and everything went well. Today, I revisited the Prolific page and the Pavlovia page of my experiment to double-check that everything had been done properly back then. I repeated the process of downloading the two datasets (experiment from Pavlovia, demographics from Prolific) and, to my surprise, three participants are missing from the newly downloaded dataset from Pavlovia while these participants are still included properly in the Prolific demographics dataset.

What is going on? Did the Pavlovia server lose these data? I still have the csv files from the August download, but I don’t feel comfortable including them in my analysis if it is not replicable! Should I refer to someone specifically for help?

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