Missing Data for Successful Completes

URL of experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/amazar/hea-4-study

Data for my participants isn’t being recorded for some reason. I saw that people raised similar issues here and here, but these weren’t solved. My study design is as follows - participants:

  1. Access the study via Prolific
  2. Complete the first half of the study on Pavlovia
  3. Are automatically redirected to a brief Qualtrics survey using the “completed URL” in the Psychopy study’s Experiment Settings
  4. Return to Prolific to complete their submission using Prolific’s submission URL

I ran a batch of 3 prolific participants to test the study. The participants completed the Qualtrics part of the session successfully and submitted the correct submission code, which suggests that they completed the Pavlovia portion of the study (otherwise they wouldn’t have access to the Qualtrics link). The study also seemed to run fine when I piloted it.

The participants consumed 3 credits (4, now that I tested the actual run link myself), but I only see 1 csv file recorded, and that file is empty.

Any idea of how that happened or what could be done to correct this?

Many thanks,