Missing .csv data files from participants recruited through Prolific

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/run/bmmerritt/gdi2/html/

Description of the problem:


I have been running participants recruited through Prolific with the above url. I have had approximately 10% of participants who completed the experiment not have a .csv file saved for them when I download the data.

Recently, I recruited 20 additional participants and only had 14 .csv files with data --that’s a 30% missing data rate and much higher than I have had before. All of the participants who I am missing data for have made it to the final screen of the experiment where they receive their completion code and have entered this in Prolific, so I know they have done the experiment. Could this be from some problem pavlovia is experiencing when they finish the experiment and perhaps close the window?

Thank you.

Hi @eyexciteme,

Data not being saved can have a couple of reasons. See this post for a primer.

Best, Thomas