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We found a repository at [Users/MyUser] but it doesn't point to You could create that as a remote to sync from PsychoPy

Continuing the discussion from Unable to test the experiment offline, with an issue that wasn’t resolved:

I think there might be an issue with with my SSH key - I can’t upload anything to Pavlovia (a repository is created but never synced), although the SSH key on my profile (berrebi) is updated at the “settings” menu.

Something that might be relevant: recently, I opened a second profile to associate it with a different email, because the lab I’m working in has bought an institutional licence. I am working on a macOS Mojave.

The error message I’m getting is:

“We found a repository at [Users/MyUser] but it doesn’t point to You could create that as a remote to sync from PsychoPy.”

Thank you very much in advance!

I don’t know if anyone will still bump into this but I found a solution.

I started using a different notebook and that’s where the problem started (didn’t have any .git files in the folder but was unable to create/sync from there using Builder).

The solution was to create an empty project using my GitLab account and following this instructions.

After executing “git remote add origin…” (see the specifics in the linked instructions), I could push my project using Builder normally.