Gitlab Repository won't sync with my project


I’m fairly inexperienced with Pavlovia so apologies for the terminology. I am planning on using to test participants online as part of my dissertation. I have tried following the correct steps, such as Exporting HTML, however, so far I’ve had no luck.

I am currently using Psychopy Version 2020.2.5. Every time I try to sync, Psychopy just crashes. The repository remains empty. Nothing is getting done and I’m getting worried

Can someone please help me? Cheers.

Hey guys, just a little more info. I went to the experimenter settings and put all my stimuli files manually into a html folder. I then exported html to get the “Index” and javascript versions of the experiment. I then tried to sync it with a new project on pavlovia, and still psychopy is not responding.

I looked at the runner window of psychopy and found these messages in the screenshots attached.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but if someone could help me, that would be really great

Hello Jake,

the resolution of your screenshot is really poor and therefore difficult to read. You have an error in line 231 in your JavaScript. I assume that your experiment runs offline?

Best wishes Jens

Hello JensBoelte,

Sorry, yes the experiment runs offline. After my 5th try I decided to leave psychopy syncing over night.

Luckily the experiment seems to have actually synced to the online repository. Unfortunately, it will not run. It displays a “403 Forbidden: Nginx” error. I did some checking and also noticed that in pavlovia, the study is not running with Psychojs. Perhaps this is the problem now?

You have to set it to Piloting or to Running and press the Pilot or Run button. Your screenshot suggests that your experiment is still set to inactive.

Cheers Jens

Hey Jens, yes I did try piloting, thats how I got the 403 error…

The screenshot was more to show that Psychojs is not the designated software platform being used rn

Try setting the experiment to Piloting (or Runing) and back to Inactive several times. I had the same problem one time, and it took two resets to get it running.

If you gave access to your project others could try it to help you :wink:

Cheers Jens

Hello Jen,

So I tried switching the experiment from Inactive to piloting several times. I keep getting 403 and 404 error messages.

Could I open the repository to others by changing the project visibility? If so, what settings are recommended?


This is a more clear screenshot of what the runner said.

Hello Jake

from your gitlab experiment page: view code> settings on left hand bar > permissions [set visibility to public then share the URL of the project with us

Best Jens


I think this is what you meant.

Hello Jake,

your project is really large. I stopped downloading it when the download was about 3 GB large and was therefore unable to test it properly.

It looked as if you have duplicated some parts of the folder structure and some files, e.g. there are *.wav and *,mp3 versions of the same file available. You might want to keep only those files that you really need. Notice that pavoliva downloads the resources when you run your experiment online. Not too many participants will wait until an over 3 GB large download of an experiment is finished.

Best Jens

Hey Jens,

I’m not quite sure which files to get rid of. I see that there is a duplicate of the Jpeg and Wav files in the “Stimuli” and “html” folder. I don’t see any mp3 files however.

I removed all the unnessecary files, mostly mp4 files, which would have taken up a great portion of space.

As a zip.file, the experiment is around 22.6mb



Hello Jake,

Well, your gitlab repository is still about 12.6 Gb large. You need to delete (sync) the redundant files there as well.

Hello Jens,

It seems to me that the majority of the file space is being taken up by this git folder.

It is legitamately 25.2/25.3 Gig. Do I not need this?


Just to update the progress.

I’ve been making some corrections and syncing these to pavlovia.

I checked the experiment and found that it now identifies PSYCHOJS as the software to use as well as the appropriate psychopy update

Although… now when I pilot, it gets stuck on the initialising screen.

It’s also worth mentioning that still, Psychopy reports an “Unexpected Token” in the “Personality and Emotion Recognition.js - legacy browser”

Another Update.

I removed the sequence “DemoItems” as the line of python coding that had the unexpected token error was within that module. I am now able to pilot the psychopy experiment.

I seem to be running into problems left and right…

I get up to the “Personality Items” section and then recieve this.

One last Reply.

I’ve managed to fix all the issues I had with running the experiment on Pavlovia.

Thank you very much for your efforts Jens!