Syncing to Pavlovia issue: Psychopy Crashing

I am trying to sync my current project from the builder to Pavlovia. However, whenever I try to do this, the “Syncing project” window appears, but it does not progress any further than that. When I check pavlovia for my experiment, it is on my dashboard, but the Git repository is empty and I get a 403 error when I try to pilot it. I have tried afew different things, but at this point I am not sure what else to do.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Using various versions of Psychopy
  • Creating a new project on my machine and on pavlovia (e.g., deleting the hidden git file)
  • Initiated an SSH key to Gitlab
  • Disabled my video lecture stimuli prior to syncing (hoping that the video length might be to blame)
  • I have tried using both the sync and run study online buttons
  • Initiated html prior to syncing
  • Simply waited to see if my project just took a long time to upload (PsychoPy stopped responding)
  • ensured that all files were saved directly to my device and not in onedrive

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Michael

do you get any error message? Does the experiment run locally? Are you able to sync any experiment besides this project?

Best wishes Jens

Hello Jens,

I do not get an error message in the builder, the only notification I get is that PsychoPy is “not responding.” The experiment runs well on my machine, the experiment involves participants watching a 30 minute lecture and having their webcam turned on to simulate a virtual lecture. However, when trying to sync I get the aforementioned message and it seems none of the files upload to the gitlab repository.

I created a simple experiement to upload to psychopy, though it did upload, I still received the “403 forbidden nginx” screen and it did not run.



Hello Michael

I never received the error message that PsychoPy is “not responding”. Still, the experiment runs offline? The error message ““403 forbidden nginx” indicates that the client is not allowed to access the webserver. There are multiple reasons for that.

Do you get any error message when syncing? You did not post the error just wrote that

Notice that syncing a 30 min long video might take quite some time and git does not indicate how far it is in its syncing process besides noting that it is pulling and pushing. Disabling the video stimulus does not help because git sync all files in your experiment directory.

You can upload the video directly in your repository. Log into Pavolvia, Dashboard, select your Project, View Code, click on the plus-sign next to your project name and select file upload.

Best wishes Jens