Sync problems with gitlab project ID

OS: W8.1
PsychoPy version: 2020.1.3
Standard Standalone? (y/n):y
What are you trying to achieve?:
I have created a project using Builder and linked to a Pavlovia project. Later on, I removed the Pavlovia project and I created a new one from Builder and synchronise with the original PsychoPy file. Everything works fine until I close PsychoPy and open it again. Then it seems the ID to the Pavlovia project is lost.

Then I go to the icon “Find existing studies online at Pavlovia”, look for my project at Pavlovia, select the local root folder and press the button Sync in the dialog. It works and really syncs the project with the local folders with the following Warning at the PsychoPy3 Experiment Runner window:
“584.7908 WARNING Project AresEsBa/prova-oida-absoluta has changed gitlab ID since last use (was 39756 now 39763)”.

HOWEVER, when I press the “Sync with web project” Icon, a message appears telling me “This file doesn’t belong to any existing project” and offers me the option to create a new one. In the PsychoPy3 Experiment Runner window, new warnings appear:

633.9227 WARNING We found a repository at C:/Users/GiliGaya/Desktop/TestOA but it doesn’t point to You could create that as a remote to sync from PsychoPy.

I have done it several times, removing the Pavlovia project online and creating new projects from the message offering at Builder. When a new project is created this way, everything runs smoothly until I close PsychoPy and open the file again. Then it happens the same.

I know I can sync my files from the Find existing studies online and linking it to the current Pavlovia project but I would appreciate if you could help me syncronize the files more conveniently.


I’m struggling with a similar issue.

Pavlovia doesn’t work well with Google Drive so I deleted my old project and started a new one on a local drive. I think the issue occurred when I opened my old file from Google drive to check something. Now I get a red warning when trying to sync and the runner says 108.4395 WARNING Project Wake/interactive-fiction has changed gitlab ID since last use (was 11452 now 41870)

How can I say yes that’s fine, please update the local gitlab ID?

I have the same issue, would you mind explaining how to do this step as a work around?

For example, if I find my project and sync here…

… it doesn’t appear to update here as most recent commits were 20 hours ago, and the project on Pavlovia does not incorporate the edits

did you manage to solve it?

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I am experiencing the same issue! Did you find a solution?

Hi! I noticed similar warnings today/yesterday for a project I am working on. I am however not working from Google Drive/ One drive but from my local disk. Did you manage to find a solution?

I think my solution was to sync the online repository to a new local folder and abandon the old one.

Thank you for your very quick and helpful reply! I tried this before, but I will try it again. Perhaps I did something wrong the first time and this time it will work.

It does not seem to work :frowning:

Do you have any other ideas?

Please could you clarify what error you get when?

for me, it doesn’t save the root… every time I open psychopy again the root doesn’t exist. even when I configure a root, once I close the icon it will not be saved.

I did not get an error but it did not sync to pavlovia/gitlab.

However, I tried one more time yesterday before the night and now I see that it works!

What I think indeed worked is creating a new project on Pavlovia (and thereby Gitlab) and creating a new local folder, in which you paste your experiment + absolutely necessary folders/files (so not your .git folder, javascript/html files). I am not sure what I did wrong, but I am happy it seems to work now!