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Unable to download resources; 502 bad gateway


URL of experiment:

I have been receiving various error messages upon attempting to run an experiment that works perfectly well in Psychopy Builder view. One error I have been receiving when attempting to run the experiment is that a JPEG cannot be downloaded:

However, this image does not seem corrupted on my end, nor does it seem to be different in size/type from any of the other images included in the experiment.

Here is that image (note: person in this image as well as all other images has fully consented to be used as a stimulus and have their face online)

I read online that this might be a cache error. However, when I try the same thing from an incognito window or in a new browser, the same image fails to download each time.

Additionally (and I am not currently able to reproduce this error), I have received the error “502 bad gateway” several times when I change the task mode from offline, back into running, and then try to run this experiment.

I am attaching a copy of my experiment here if that is helpful. Any guidance or ideas are much appreciated, and happy to provide any more information if needed. Clean_Task_Only.psyexp (191.9 KB)

Hello @cmamir,

It appears that this particular image was not properly uploaded to the server (the file is empty). I would encourage you to synchronize again from PsychoPy. That should take care of the issue.
Best wishes,



Thank you for your prompt reply. The file was empty as I was reuploading it to see if that would fix the issue. However, when I do resync and replace the image with a smaller image, I am still getting the same error message on the same image, even though the file does exist. I am confused as to why it is having trouble with this particular image, especially since I have tried replacing all images with smaller files.