504 Gateway Timeout Error when I "Download Results" on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: When I attempt to download my results as CSV files, I get the following error

Does anyone know why this is occurring, and how I might be able to resolve in order to download my data?

Thank you.

If you sync your experiment then your data files will get downloaded into the local data folder. This doesn’t work for database data.

Thank you for the feedback. I clicked the “Sync with web project (pavlovia.org)” button on PsychoPy and then I attempted to download results again and the 504 gateway error persists, and I’m unable to download my CSV formatted results. I may misunderstand what you’re recommending though. Do you have other advice or am I misunderstanding/doing something incorrectly?

And after attempting for like the 10th or so time, it finally started downloading. I have no idea what the issue was and why it’s working now but I’ll take it! Thanks for your help.