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502 bad gateway error on

Shortly after unsuccessfully trying to synchronize my experiment from the builder (between 2 and 3 am on May 19 UK time), I noticed a 502 bad gateway error on Pavlovia. I am using PsychoPy 3.6 since PsychoPy 3.1.0 (and I’m assuming also 3.1.2.?) is unable to play audio files when running experiments online.

In addition, I am receiving the following error message when I attempt to run the experiment online.

My experiment consisted of 88 short audio wave files (186 MB total) to be synchronized for the first time. Could it be that the pavlovia server has crashed?


When I go to I get through to the experiment dialog. Was it some later point that it failed? Or have you done something to fix?

By the next morning, the error message was no longer appearing and pavlovia was working fine. I hadn’t done anything to fix it, so who knows!

It seems like sometimes there’s a delay for an experiment to be up and running, but usually not, and I haven’t worked out the pattern of when this occurs :-/
On the other hand, there has been a fair bit of maintenance work on the server recently and it might just be that you caught it in a bad moment while something was being reset/restarted. Those issues are very brief when they occur, however.