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Pavlovia dashboard and Pavlovia Gitlab resulting in 502 Bad Gateway Error


URL of experiment:
all experiments under username kevinhroberts

Description of the problem:
When accessing the dashboard on pavlovia, I receive this error in Google Chrome:

The same error also happens in Firefox:

I was getting the same error on GitLab (it wasn’t finding any projects and eventually gave a similar 502 error) and now it just looks like this:

I was doing this on my desktop, so I thought I’d also try my phone which is not on the same network. I also get a 502 error. Is this an issue on my end? Is anyone else having this issue?

This also affects my ability to run experiments. I can not run my experiment named “fg_rec4”. Instead I get this error message when I try to run it online:

I also get this error when I tried to run another user’s pavlovia experiment.


Same problem here. I can’t run any of my psychopy3 experiments. All result in a 500 (rather than 502) error. I can’t log onto my gitlab account either.

Anyone know what’s going on?


We’re on it. Looks like the server crashed. Should be up and ruining in a few minutes


A few big projects during the night filled up the disk! We’re doing some restructuring and should be back v soon


Good morning,

Further to Jon’s comments, we are now back up. Many apologies for the downtime!
I took this opportunity to upgrade both the server and gitlab.
Best wishes,