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Pavlovia dashboard and Pavlovia Gitlab resulting in 502 Bad Gateway Error

URL of experiment:
all experiments under username kevinhroberts

Description of the problem:
When accessing the dashboard on pavlovia, I receive this error in Google Chrome:

The same error also happens in Firefox:

I was getting the same error on GitLab (it wasn’t finding any projects and eventually gave a similar 502 error) and now it just looks like this:

I was doing this on my desktop, so I thought I’d also try my phone which is not on the same network. I also get a 502 error. Is this an issue on my end? Is anyone else having this issue?

This also affects my ability to run experiments. I can not run my experiment named “fg_rec4”. Instead I get this error message when I try to run it online:

I also get this error when I tried to run another user’s pavlovia experiment.

Same problem here. I can’t run any of my psychopy3 experiments. All result in a 500 (rather than 502) error. I can’t log onto my gitlab account either.

Anyone know what’s going on?

We’re on it. Looks like the server crashed. Should be up and ruining in a few minutes

A few big projects during the night filled up the disk! We’re doing some restructuring and should be back v soon


Good morning,

Further to Jon’s comments, we are now back up. Many apologies for the downtime!
I took this opportunity to upgrade both the server and gitlab.
Best wishes,



The same issue is happening to me right now!
Is this the server or is it just me? (and if it is just me - how do I fix it?)


edit: Sorry, the error I get is different now:

And I get this error even if I log in with a new user and on a different computer, so it does seem to be a general problem…

Can confirm it is a general error, currently receiving the same one when trying to access my account dashboard

Good morning,

We experienced a temporary interruption of access to the data.
We are back online. Many apologies!