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Pavlovia prevents Psychopy to launch - cannot open

OS Win10
PsychoPy version v3.2.4
**Standard Standalone? yes

Hello it’s me again. Major problem this morning. I had an issue with Pavlovia, the piloting did not work (see previous thread Can't pilot the experiment via Builder or on Pavlovia )

So to try to fix this I stupidly thought I would delete my pavlovia account and projects altogether and start again the syncing. How I regret that. Once deleted, the app would not open again: when I click on the app itself, I have the first “logo” page and it closes after the “Creating frames” message; when I click on my experiment file, same thing plus I see the black screen but then everything closes before I get to see the Builder view or anything else.

Then I uninstalled and reinstalled Psychopy entirely, but I still have the same problem. I can’t read my experiment file anymore !

I took a picture of the black screen right before the app closes when I click on my experiment file:

I can see in the code that there’s something wrong with Pavlovia, it seems to be looking for a user. Can I deactivate this ? I wonder how it worked the first time I used it, when I didn’t have a pavlovia account yet.
I have absolutely no knowledge of Python.

In the meantime I recreated a pavlovia project with the same name, but there’s nothing in it (I don’t understand how to import the files directly there without syncing them via Builder). It didn’t fix the launching problem.

I attach my experiment file just in case it might help.
SPR.psyexp (52.3 KB)

I hope we can find a solution, I’m worried I may no longer use the experiment I created or Psychopy for any future experiment… Thanks a lot,

Hi @lcrible , this is an issue where PsychoPy is using your user details to access your account on pavlovia, but this account no longer exists. To fix, you need to remove the old user details from your computer. The user details are saved in the .AppData folder. AppData is a hidden folder, so read here to find it. When found, go to AppData > Roaming > PsychoPy3 and delete the Pavlovia folder. The folder contains information about your user details (in user.json) and any projects associated with that user name (in projects.json). Both files contain links to a user account that no longer exists. Deleting them should solve your error above.

Hi @dvbridges thanks for responding!
I removed the folder as you suggested. There is still a folder called “monitors” there, appData.cfg and userPrefs.cfg files. Should I remove these too ?

It still doesn’t launch. Now when I click on my experiment file, still no Builder but the black screen now only says :

pygame 1.9.4
Hello from the pygame community.

but it doesn’t go away as before.

If I click on the app itself, same as before, everything disappears after “Creating frames”, but I can see for a half second the Register window of Pavlovia appearing, and then disappearing instantly.

UPDATE - I opened the AppData.cfg file. Under “pavloviaUser” it still said my login, so I removed it and replaced it by “” and now everything works as before. Phew ! Thanks again.
I’ll now go and try to solve my original problem with Pavlovia…