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Can't pilot the experiment via Builder or on Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I prepared an experiment which is working fine when I run it locally via Builder. I created a Pavlovia project and synced it, it shows on the dashboard and everything, and switched it to “Piloting”. However I can’t pilot it online:

  1. via the “run the study online” button on Builder, it tells me " the experiment status is PILOTING but the pilot token is missing from the URL "
  2. via : the experiment starts but it doesn’t seem to have the latest version of it and freezes after the third screen, as if there was something wrong with how I programmed it. There is an error message when I leave the page but I never have time to read it so I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Any ideas why ?

Also, do I understand correctly that if I want to recruit participants on Prolific for instance, I have to pay for Pavlovia credits on top of Prolific fees ?

Many thanks.

To be more specific, the first two routines show up fine (Welcome and Instructions) - although the latter doesn’t seem to respect my settings of letter height (too big). Then instead of starting the practice loop, I just see the word “Text” on its own in the middle of the grey screen. No key works except for Escape at this point.
Thank you.

The fact that the study doesn’t pilot directly from PsychoPy is to be expected. To run in Pilot mode you do need to run from pavlovia directly.

I can’t tell from this what the problem is with the study but hopefully @dvbridges will get a chance to take a look. Then again, if one part is working, and one part is not, then maybe you can look to see what’s different about the not-working one.

With regards to the credits, yes, the payment to participants via recruitment services like Prolific, is independent of the payment for Pavlovia credits. You’re paying us for maintaining the server and software, whereas you’re paying them for taking part (and a fee to Prolific for recruitment).

best wishes,

Hi @jon thanks for answering!
I think I narrowed my problem down to the few bits of custom code, that I don’t know how to translate into Javascript. I wrote a topic about this with the specific lines to translate, it’s not much but I can’t find any help online : Can you translate a few lines of Python to JS for Pavlovia?

Thanks for the info about credits.
Best wishes,