Can't launch Psychopy study on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: Foreign Characters Recognition Task [PsychoPy] (

Description of the problem: I can run the experiment on Psychopy just fine, but it won’t open when I launch it on Pavlovia, it’s just stuck there in blank. I can’t pilot it either.

I use Windows 10 and Psychopy Builder (v2022.2.5).

Also, when I upload the experiment, it appears as UNKNOWN in the Software Platform category. Please help, I am desperate!!

Thank you!

Hi @wakecarter! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your help and it works perfectly fine now! The followings are some of things I did wrong as a newbie:

  1. I did not export HTML
  2. The Index file was saved as a folder
  3. There were irrelevant files in the folder I uploaded to Pavlovia that had nothing to do with the current project

Lastly, I also got into a loop of desperation where I upload the experiment from Psychopy to Pavlovia in the Pilot status, and the experiment will appear to be UNKNOWN. I had to change status from Pilot to Inactive, and then to Pilot again for the platform and its version to be recognized.

Thank you again!!!