Missing data + Participants not redirected to Prolific

URL of experiment: Pattern Completion

Description of the problem: I’m running an online experiment that is coded using jsPsych, hosted on Pavlovia, and recruiting participants over Prolific.co. I collected data from 8 participants. The first 4 ran all the way through and their data was uploaded into the data folder. For some reason, for all the other participants, participants are not redirected to the Prolific page (which marks their submission as complete) even though they completed the study. I asked a few participants, and they said that they saw the “Data is being uploaded to Pavlovia” message, but they got stuck on this page and never got redirected to Prolific. They also confirmed that they did not close the browser, press the escape key, or refresh the page.

On Pavlovia in the section called “Session” I see the following:

completed= 5 (38.5%)
aborted= 8 (61.5%)
last session: 2022-03-25 19:04:30

Is there a way to tell why 8 people’s experiment was aborted?