Issue with account usernames

Hi everyone,

I have created accounts for students using their student numbers as their username (thinking it would make it easier to manage), not realising this causes issues.
I’ve asked them to change their usernames to include their name, but for some students the errors still come up - it looks like the GitLab username has updated but not the Pavlovia side (I can provide screenshots of the errors if it helps). Is there something we can do on our side to fix this, and will it impact on their surveys and experiments working?


This thread suggests that it make time a little time for username changes to work

Hi Wake,
Thanks for that, I did see it but the changes happened about 2 weeks ago already so I expected things to have updated by now. Do you think it can take longer than that? Happy to wait if so, just don’t want our students having issues with their dissertations!

Please could you provide at least one username (before and after change) and the exact error message?

Some of the usernames are (before/after changes):

There are more but those I can confirm have made the change in GitLab.

For the first user, these are the screenshots of the error they get when accessing their profile in Pavlovia (the other users get the same errors but with their own old username).

Hello @lcamus,

I fixed that for you. I also changed 20006370’s and 20002109’s and 19002652’s and 20006128’s usernames to the same format as the others, since they had not been changed just yet.
Best wishes,


Hi Alain,

That’s fantastic, thank you for dealing with that! There’s one more that seems not to have changed yet (20001692) but I can get in touch with the student.
Thanks again!