Error when fetching experiment

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hello! When logging in to my account on I get the following error: error when fetching the experiment. What do I do to be able again to see all about my experiment?

Hi, Is this an error that appears in a red error box? please could you tell us more about when in pavlovia this error appears (e.g. is it as soon as you log in or is it when you click on the dashboard?)


Hi Becca,

This error appears as soon as I try entering my dashboard. It indeed appears in a red error box. When pressing ‘ok’ I can only click on my profile, but not on ‘experiments’, ‘participants’ or ‘credits’.

Hi There,

This sounds beyond my knowledge here as it is a specific pavlovia error. I will tag a member of our team that would know more about this @apitiot but as he works on pavlovia/psychopy one day a week he might not be able to get back to you immediately here.

Do you have other experiments in your dashboard or is this your first time logging in? Are you able to try making a second account and see if you encounter a similar issue?



Thanks for tagging someone who probably knows more about this. I will have patience and wait for the day he/she works again.

I only started using Pavlovia two weeks ago, so I do not have any other experiments in my dashboard. I am able to make a second account on which no error occurs. However, I do have to proceed on this first account, for this account is with my university e-mailadress.

Thanks for helping me!


Hello @IlanaT,

It appears you have created three accounts. The issue occurs when you are using the account that consist only of numbers. The problem is that GitLab makes it possible for people to open account with username consisting only of numbers (in other words, you did nothing wrong) but then treats those numbers as ID’s instead of usernames (in other words, GitLab is the culprit, here). I am afraid there is not much we can do since needs to differentiate between username and IDs.
There is no error when logging with your username starting with an s. I would therefore recommend you transfer your experiments over to that account indeed. How does that sound?
Best wishes,


Hi Alain,

Ah I see. I have now made my account beginning with an s maintatiner of the experiment as well. Is this what you mean with transfering to the other account?

Yes, precisely.
I would suggest you upload your experiment to your new sxxxxxxx account.