Experiment works on PC, not online

URL of experiment: Sarah Etty / stroop2patients_disgust_neutral · GitLab

Description of the problem:

I can get to the instructions on my experiment but then this error appears. This file is definitely included, and has been specified in the “practice” loop. I also tried explicitly adding the file as a resource to the experiment within psychopy, via settings and the online tab, but this still didn’t help.

Any advice?

Hi, have you tried clearing your cache?

Just tried it now, still no luck!

Oh I just realised you have a html folder. Could you please first delete that folder. After that go to experiment settings > Online > at the Output Path field, ensure it’s empty > at Export HTML, on Sync is selected. And then resync your task. This should hopefully resolve your error

Does that work now without having to recreate the Pavlovia repository?

Deleting the html folder seems to have worked, although I deleted some other folders too for good measure which meant it created the project from scratch so this is the new URL: Sign in · GitLab

There is now a new error, see below:
Pavlov error

I think this is because I have set the unit measurement to cm so I could control the size of the image better. If I kept it as experiment settings I couldn’t ensure the image wasn’t stretched, but now it seems to have a problem with it being cm. The images I am using are huge, so I want to reduce the size by half, without having to resize the images themselves one by one (there are a lot).

Thanks for the help so far, you are heroes!

Hi @suelynnmah ,

I am going through a similar issue. I tried the solution that you provided here, but unfortunately, when resyncing, it is now being stuck at Sychronising…

Should I start a new query or this thread would be fine?

My experiment link is: FinalExperimentCombined [PsychoPy]
for your experiment.

Hi @Shardul_Shankar , I would recommend first checking that the .js files was generated when you resynced. If you’re still experiencing the error, then yes you should start a new thread as it could be about a different thing

Hi, I tried the link and got a Error 404.

In terms of not wanting your images stretched, I’d recommend visiting this page for the types of units that would help that from not happening Units for the window and stimuli — PsychoPy v2022.1.3

Thanks @suelynnmah ! It is synched. Unfortunately, it is still stuck at initialising the experiment…

I am starting a new thread regarding this.

This link helped! Thanks very much for all your assistance :smiley:

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