Experiment 404 error will not sync to pavlovia

URL of experiment:

The url is private hopefully @apitiot can help or @jon

Description of the problem:
Hi everyone

My experiment won’t sync properly to pavlovia when using Safari. It has a lot of huge files in it and the code is wayyy too long for its own good but it was working 1 hour ago and suddenly stopped working (404 and 403 errors). I reuploaded all the files to no avail. The console states an inability to reach the lib user files for the psychopy packages (e.g. util, data, visual)

In chrome, I do not get the 404 errors but I instead receive a file loading error. The file is large, granted (~54MB) but I have not had issues loading files of that size or larger on my wifi so I am unclear about what is causing the error.

Thanks for helping!

Could you share your gitlab repo with me? My username is tpronk

Hi Thomas,
Thank you so much. I have granted you access — keep me posted!


Could you change my role to developer or maintainer?

Done! Thank you for following up, Thomas.

I notice that there is no psyexp file in your repo. How did you generate the JS experiment?

I generated it locally but updated it separately overtime in an IDE myself

I reproduced your problem, but I don’t have a solution yet. Stay put, update soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Thomas for your help and effort.

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Hello @Leah_S,

This is to let you know that we are nearing a solution. Properly solving your problem required a different approach to experiment activation, which I am just about ready to deploy. With any luck, it should be in place by the middle of next week.
Thank you very much for your patience. We are almost there!
Best wishes,


THank you!