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Online experiment "Unknown Resource" issue



I’ve just uploaded a simple stimulus-response task
URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
It works fine on windows 10 (PsychoPy 3.0.5, 32-bit), yet when I try to run it online I encountered this:
It seems that imageSti can’t find image files. I’ve tried solutions from similar topics (putting all image files in the resources folder, making sure there is no SPACE after filename ,etc.)

Can’t figure out what causes the problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Edit 4
It seems that no resource file was ever loaded as the progress bar was totally blank while showing “all resources downloaded”. This is driving me crazy. Don’t know what am I missing.


I notice you do not have a html folder holding all of your files. That is usually created for you when Builder exports HTML and create the JS code. Have you manually changed the folder structure? I wonder if there is a problem finding the files due to the unusual directory structure.

Also, you may want to change how size is formatted in your conditions file. I believe that the x,y list will be read as a string, and therefore will not be interpreted correctly. You will be better off having separate x, y columns to represent your sizes, and then change sizes using those column variables in a list. E.g., you have two cols in your conditions file, sizeX and sizeY, and in your stim you set the size to update on every repeat, with the following entry: [sizeX, sizeY] .


Hi @dvbridges , many thanks for your reply. I’ve tried to put all files in a html folder and it works fine now. Please forgive my stupidness😂 Also thank you for the additional tips on conditions file.

I did not sync the project in builder view. As my workplace network somehow keep blocking syncing to, I had to upload project files to github and then imported to gitlab. Clearly I did not upload them in html folder, which caused the problem.

Thanks again for your help!