Where can I change my Pavlovia user account?

PsychoPy: 2022.1.2


I have two accounts at Pavlovia - one private and one institutional.

I don’t know what I have done but since today all experiments I try to run on my institutional account ran on my private account. When I click on the ‚Pavlovia.org > Users‘ menu button in PsychoPy I only can see my private account. When I try to sign in to Pavlovia with my institutional address (Pavlovia.org > Users > Log in to Pavlovia) I can sign in but afterwarts nothing happnes (Window of Pavlovia just closes). When I then try to run my experiment then an error message appears. Where can I set the path to my institutional profil at Pavlovia?

Thank you very much!

Best, M

Hi @M11, could you find a solution to this problem? I am currently running into the same issue.

I find that after I switch between my Oxford Brookes account and my OST Consultancy account, I have to close Builder and reopen it before I can use it.

thanks @wakecarter, I already closed and reopened it a couple of times but unfortunately this didn’t resolve the issue for me.

Maybe it’s a different issue. Can you sign into both accounts on Pavlovia?

You could also try upgrading to 2022.2.4 (or 2022.2.3).

I upgraded, it works now, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I have used both methods described in this thread (I have opened/closed the builder and I have the latest PsychoPy version) and still can’t seem to add my institutional account. I can log into both accounts on the pavlovia website. Does anyone have any other pointers?

I am currently running into the same issue. And the tips listed above are not working for me. Can the psychopy team help me?

Hi. I ran into the same problem when using the menu Pavlovia.org → User. Using the icon on the toolbar works, however. It is the second globe-looking icon from the right.