Could not retrieve user info

A student of mine is having an error connecting to Pavlovia through PsychoPy. They get the error below:

Any help would be grea

(Actually I normally switch user in Builder, then close Builder and reopen it rather than fully closing PsychoPy)

This hasn’t worked for them. It is remaining across devices, and the same error occurs when they switch to a completely different user.

I’m at a loss really, I can’t think of anything that’s causing the issue if it’s across accounts and devices. They can login to Pavlovia without issue through the main website.

So it seems to have been fixed by using the email address to sign in rather than the username.

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Had the student made any changes to their username?

They did. They had the error initially and I asked them to change their username as I remember previously Pavlovia had some issues with all numerical usernames.