Unknown image resource issue

URL of experiment:

Built in Builder v2022.2.5

Description of the problem:
Pavlovia gives the following error when loading image stimuli:
The experiment runs fine offline, the file is there in the “img” folder in the repo and looking at the JS code it is not either a backslash issue in the relative path.
Note: image stimuli contains .jpg as well as .bmp files which caused no problems when running offline.

I would avoid having extra dots in filenames.

@wakecarter thank you, but unfortunately that didn’t do the trick.
There are no dots now in filenames, the file is in the folder:

But it keeps getting the error:

Can it be related to accessing the “img” folder? This is located in the same (root) folder of the repository where the .js files are.
Again, the experiment runs fine offline, so there are no typos etc.

Have you attached the images via Experiment Settings / Online?


Thank you, that (plus clearing the cache :slight_smile: ) solved the issue!