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Pavlovia error - Unknown resource when running online

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

My PsychoPy experiment, created in the Experiment Builder ver 2020.1, runs fine locally, however there is an error in the HTML version (the error happens in the HTML version both when hosted online and running locally on my PC in the browser).

Right after the initial dialogue screen, the image and video resources are not found. I get the “unknown resource” error. The resources do download before I can advance.

I have checked that the correct resources are in the “html/resources/” folder. They are in subfolders, and the paths should be correct, I made sure to use forward slashes and relative paths (see text below, for example, “Fixation.png” is found in “html/resources/Panels/Fixation.png”).

I tried moving all the resource files into the “html/resources/” folder and changing the paths in the Javascript files to just the bare filenames (with file extensions), but this did not help.

Is there anything I should be checking for?

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:
when setting the image of ImageStim: FixationCross
when getting the value of resource: Panels/Fixation.png

unknown resource

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the
experiment designer


Problem solved – I didn’t realize but the resource files have extensions in all caps (Fixation.PNG) and Javascript is case sensitive so couldn’t find them when the script specified them in lower case (Fixation.png). I guess this wasn’t an issue with Python.

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