Unable to receive password recovery emails


My Problem: I forgot my Pavlovia password but after clicking the “Reset password” button I never received an email. I now can’t access my account but also can’t make a new account with that email address. I’m using the license of my university so maybe the problem is related to that.
I would really need to access my account as soon as possible so I’m thankful for any help!

Sorry to hear you’ve got problems logging in. I relayed your issue to someone who can help you further, though I expect it might take some time before they can pick it up.

Best, Thomas

When did you create your Pavlovia account @magdalena1 ?
Specifically, was it before or after Christmas?

It was after Christmas. I think at the beginning of January.

That’s likely the problem then; your account (and any data you collected) is still there in our backup of the database, but not in the database that’s presently online. Shortly after the 19th of January your account and database will be restored though.

Thank you for the help!

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Hi there,
I registered for a Pavlovia account last week and immediately after that decided to log in to try things out. However, it says that I’ve got an invalid password. I am sure that my password was correct, but just in case - I decided to reset my password. I was supposed to receive an email for the reset, but did not receive one. It’s been a week. I used my university email because we have a license registered for it.
Do you mind helping me out? It is not in my spam emails either. Thanks!

Hi, I had the same problem… Did you solve it?

Dear Thomas,
I dace the same problem. I used my University email address and cannot receive the recovery email. What would be a possible solution?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @jon , I saw you are online and I have the same problem. Any suggestions how to solve it? thank you so much!