Can't access my account on Pavlovia

I created a Pavlovia account but cannot access it. I have not received a confirmation mail for my adress but typed it correctly since the adress and the username appear as taken when I try to sign in again. Tried the forgot password link as well with the same result. - any help is immensely appreciated, thanks!


I’m afraid the people that could dive into this are very busy ATM with restoring our servers from the fire of last week, so the best I can offer is a guess: have you checked your spam folder?

Best, Thomas

Hi, thanks for taking the time!

I heard about that and had been hoping that with the restoration my problem might solve itself.
I did check my spam folder, unfortunately it is empty.

Best - Roxana

Sorry for the inconvenience. Then I’d recommend to wait a couple of days until we restored Pavlovia again.

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