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Unable to receive Pavlovia password recovery emails


I have been attempting to retrieve my account password for signing in to Pavlovia, but have been unsuccessful in receiving any recovery emails.

Any help would be appreciated. Apologies if this post is not in the correct category.

There’s obviously something wrong with the smtp settings or similar (I’ve confirmed that I don’t get the emails either). Will look into it.

For the record, this turned out to be an issue with the server not being permitted (by university security rules) to access the outgoing mail server. I’m afraid it took a while for us to get that sorted out but pavlovia is now allowed to send you email so reminder emails are now possible.

best wishes,


i’m sorry to be resurrecting this old post, but i have the same problem right now.

Problem: i did not recieve the confirmation e-mail from pavlovia. When i tried to log in I could not do so. I then tried to get a link to reset my password, because i thought that might be the problem, I did not recieve that e-mail either.

What i have tried: i checked that my e-mail address was correct. It seems to be so, because I cannot make a new account using that address.
I also spoke to the IT people in my Uni, who could not find any problem. Other people in my lab have not had this problem, and I am uncertain what to do next.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you :slight_smile: