Unable to receive password recovery Email

I would like to run my expereiment online and therefor I have created a Pavlovia Account with my University email-Address since they have the license. However, I cannot log in with my password anymore. I also cannot use the “forgot my password” function because for whatever reason (i assume it is my uni-account server) I do not receive the email with the reset link.
Would be glad if someone could help me.

All the Best,

Have you checked your spam folder?

yes, it is empty :confused:

Could it be similar to this?

@wakecarter For some reason, I was now able to log in once. I suppose, I had a typo setting up the password and now unconsciously made the same typo. Is there any possibility to change my password, now that I am logged in?

It’s unlikely to be the same error unless you created your account in January 2021.

You should be able to change your password here:


yeah, it is not !
Unfortunately,I did not find the edit function in my university account. Also, I am not logged in anymore…
Is there any possibility to get a recovery link other than via “forgot password” because it seems the mail does not arrive…
my University is the University of Graz, Austria
(the IT-Service said they cannot do anything…)

Hello Jakob

look here


but it won’t work without a working email-address.

Best wishes Jens

@wakecarter I just tried if I get a password-recovery link to the Hotmail email address of my private account (without license) and I also don’t receive an email… is it a general problem?

hi Jens, thanks.
Of course I have tried this (several times) but I would not get an email (se also comment below…) but thanks anyway

Hello Jakob

well it works for me. Just got a reset-link. gitlab does not inform you if you are using the wrong email-address. Try potential candidates until you get a reset-link. And get a password-program afterwards. :wink:

If gitlab.pavlovia.org has been black-listed by your university or by some blacklist that your university uses, you won’t get an email. Your university-IT should know if gitlab.pavlovia.org is being blocked. However, I doubt it.

Best wishes Jens

I know, but it is definitely the right address. I also tried with another (new) hotmail address account and there I also do not get a reset-link. What could be the problem, any ideas?

I also don’t think that gitlab.pavlovia.org has been black-listed because it also doesn’t work with my own addresses…

Hello Jakob,

I have no idea why you don‘t get a reset-link. Although, perhaps you mispelled your email-address when setting up the account?

Best wishes Jens

thanks again. No, when I try to set up a new account with the address, it say, it is already in use…

Hello Jakob,

oh what a shame. I am afraid that none of the users will be able to help you any further. Oh, one last idea, at my university we are able to set up email-aliases. Perhaps an alias as new login would help?

Best wishes Jens