Pavlovia account doesn't seem to exist anymore

After reading the latest update on data restoration I was expecting to be able to at least access my GitHub by today. But now, when I try to login it says my credentials are not valid (I have used an autofill username/password every time so it’s exactly the right credentials. Plus, when I try to reset my password I don’t get an email. Is my account now deleted since the fire or how do I find out if it is for sure? I’m on a pretty tight schedule to run my experiment and I would like to be able to get back on my account ASAP. If anyone has further information regarding Pavlovia’s reboot it would be greatly appreciated.

Our current database is based on a version from the 4th of January. However, if everything goes well, experiments (and user accounts) will be restored over the course of next week. See these posts for more info:

I’m actually running into a similar problem after the merge. Pavlovia recognizes my email is associated with an account, but I can’t login and am not receiving emails to reset my password when I request them. Did the merge fix the original issue, or is there another solution to this?

Hey @camurray, sorry for the troubles. I asked our database magician to get in touch.

Thank you so much!