Confirmation Email for Pavlovia Won't Send

Description of the problem: I apologize if this isn’t the correct venue to post this problem, but I couldn’t locate contact information for Pavlovia: I am trying to create a GitLab account for Pavlovia to run online expermients. However, I have not received a confirmation email to create my account, despite multiple attempts to send a confirmation email. (I’ve literally checked everywhere in my inbox - spam folder, etc.) This appears to be a known problem with GitLab, so I contacted GitLab directly about the issue, and they said to contact the administrators of Pavoliva directly.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Appreciate any insight.


did you find a solution for this problem? I am facing the exact same problem at the moment. I cannot recieve any emails from Pavlovia (neither registration nor password recovery) and i cannot sign in either.
On another thread (Unable to receive Pavlovia password recovery emails - #4 by t_s) it seemed that this problem was solved, however, i still face the same problem.
Any help would be much appreciated.