Unable to access project and data post-merge

URL of experiment: https://pavlovia.org/run/mwheeler1/delayedposttest1

Description of the problem: I can only see my old experiments, but not the new one.

Hello @m_wheel ,

Could you tell me a little bit more about the issue you are facing?
As far as I can ascertain, delayedposttest1 was created on the 12th of March on the temporary server, and re-created on the 23rd of March by myself on the permanent server, when we merged. I cannot see any difference between them.

Thank you for the reply.
I was getting an error message that the new account does not exist.
After seeing your reply, I searched my email account and found that the email about the new temporary password in the spam mail folder.
I can access the data now, thank you.

Then all is well.
Happy experimenting :slight_smile: