Issue with project since merge

Hey @alexaruel,

I made this post so we can discuss it further outside of the announcement thread.

Hi @thomas_pronk !

I just realized that I had received an email yesterday from Jon that says the following:

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow morning your experiment will be briefly offline as we perform the final merge and restart on the server. Also, however, in your particular case, we noticed that while the server was in its alternate location you created a different username (which is fine). In the merge back to the main server we have merged your study back in to your original username (so that there is only one user with that email address).

What that means for you is that, when the server comes back as
tomorrow with both datasets merged, your running study will be under your original name on Pavlovia and that means your participants will have to use that URL not the current one.

I hope that makes sense. We will post on the announcements of the forum tomorrow when the server is back up.

I do indeed remember making another account thinking that my first one was lost…
The issue is now that the account and experiments I have access to are outdated in contrast to the version I was working on before the merge.

If I understand correctly, I was working on the latest version of my experiment on an account with username ‘aruel’ and now I am back to using ‘alexaruel’ . The issue is, the correct version of my experiment seems to not have been transferred over from ‘aruel/farmers’ to ‘alexaruel/farmers’…

I hope this makes sense.,…

Yeah, I think I get you; thanks for clarifying. I’ll pass on the info and we’ll get back to you once we worked it out on our end.

Excellent thank you so much!

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Hello @alexaruel ,

Could you clarify the situation a little bit more?
I have just compared, file by file, the aruel/farmers experiment on the temporary server, with the alexaruel/farmers experiment on the permanent server (after the merge) and they appear identical.
What is it that is missing or different from what you are expecting?


Hi @apitiot!

Hmm odd…
I will look into this again. The reason I was expecting something different is because the previous version of the farmer experiment (on my aruel account) was running without any issues, and now the same files seem to encounter several.

Is there a way to save the farmer’s experiment from the aruel account to my alexaruel account under a slightly different name (e.g. farmers-recovery)?
If not, I will try to fix the errors in the current files.


That sounds like a good idea. I have just created a new experiment for you: alexaruel/farmers_before_merge, which is a copy of the aruel/farmers you created on the temporary server. You are all set to compare them.
Best wishes,


Hi @apitiot!
Thank you!
For some reason, although the files were identical in the alexaruel/farmers experiment, the experiment was not running.
However, the new experiment, alexaruel/farmers_before_merge works fine and all changes are saved there.
I’m not sure why this is the case, but thank you a lot for helping me get back on track with my experiment!

Hi @apitiot !
I noticed that the changes I am making to my files in gitlab are not changing the task when piloting it or running it in pavlovia.
Any idea if this error is related to the fact that the experiment was recovered from the temporary server?
How can I make sure I can edit my farmers_before_merge experiment?
thank you!