Cannot login to Pavlovia

I currently cannot log into my account on Pavlovia at all. Is this expected? I know that the website is still in the process of being restored, but I’m not sure if being unable even to login is expected behavior.

Hi There,

If you created your account following Jan 4th you will not be able to log in until a later date (don’t worry, what was in your account will be available, just not for a little while, see more info here Getting studies running again on Pavlovia)

If you are trying to test out experiments we suggest you temporarily make a second account to work with.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Hi Becca,

is there any news yet what “later date” means?

I also created my account after Jan 4ht. I am not so much worried about what data was in my account, as I was just about to start data collection the day of the fire. So I could upload my experiment to a new account, but since I am covered by a university license I am afraid it’s not that easy to run studies (with credits) from a different account?

Do you have any advice? Or could you tell me how much longer I would have to wait? Thanks in advance!

Hi There,

The power is now back on and all data and projects are currently available on a temporary server ( whilst the team works on merging everything to a single site (which they are working on right now)

You should be fine to re-make an account using your university email for now. We will be able to offer more advise on this forum if you find that does cause you any problems.