Study missing after fire - "None points to a remote that doesn't exist" when trying to sync

Most of my experiments are visible in Pavlovia but one is not - when I try to sync it from PsychoPy I get the following message:
“None points to a remote that doesn’t exist (deleted). What shall we do?”
The only available option is to recreate the project.
Are things still in flux following the fire and should I just wait for a few more days, or is this something that will require intervention to resolve?
I am keen to continue data collection if that’s possible, but it’s not critical so I can wait another week if that will be simpler.
Thanks for your help, I’m sure this has been a crazy time for you all!

Did you follow the posts at SERVER NEWS: Data from pre-fire now available at

Most likely your experiment currently is on instead of (e.g. if you created it in mid-Jan or Feb). Yes you could wait - we’re hoping to have everything back to normal on Weds morning - or you could fetch your experiment from tmplovia and upload it back to pavlovia to run if you need data urgently

You are not wrong! :wink: