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SERVER NEWS: Data from pre-fire now available at

Good news! We have access to the Strasbourg server data again, right up to the point where the power was cut. We’ve made that data available for immediate download again.

For data being saved as csv files (and any changed experiment code) you can fetch it here:
and if you need data from database storage rather then csv files:

Syncing from the PsychoPy app won’t retrieve these data, of course, because PsychoPy doesn’t know about the existence of tmplovia. is still available to you for running experiments and to retrieve any data from the last 10 days. We’re now working on merging the data from the two servers together and hope to have a single server with all data back in the next couple of days.


I had about 30 cvs files of data in my experiment before the fire.
I followed your instructions and got one empty cvs file.
I also can’t log in to Pavlovia with my credentials, although I can log in to Gitlab, not much difference no data any ways.

Hello @Jon_Aisi ,

I believe your experiment is motorskillsv4? I just logged in as yourself onto (not and can confirm that you have 56 results awaiting. I have also successfully downloaded them from this URL: Pavlovia
Would you like to give it another go? Otherwise, I’ll send them to you by email, of course.


Hey, I can only access my data as csv files even though I used to have excel ones.I went to Pavlovia but still no excel files.

Hello @Ines_Sebti ,

What is the experiment you are referring to? And which files are possibly missing? Results are saved as .csv, never as .xls or .xlsx. Are you perhaps referring to resources rather than results?


Hello Alain,

It is “Final epx”,
In Psychopy I indicated that I wanted my results to be saved as .xls and I used to have .xls result file per participants.
Additionally, is there also anyway I can make my experiment run again? It indicates a 404 error.

Thank you,

I have just logged in as yourself. There are only 3 .xlsx files in your data directory, but plenty of .csv and .psydat. I have also downloaded the results from the dashboard and the .zip contains .csv, 3 .xlsx, and .psydat files.
My understanding is that PsychoPy did save the results as .psydat instead of .xlsx.

As for running the experiment again, you can sync it again with the current and run it from there. Or wait a few days for us to complete the recovery.


Thank you Alain

Is there any way to convert .psydat to .xlsx so I can process the data?
The .cvs files are incomplete and messy

i have an account with above 500 credit point and it appears only in tmplovia.
we were waiting for it to be back so we can start running our experiment . is it safe to start using it using this web? ? or better to wait?
thank you

@Ines_Sebti the excel and psydat files are only generated by local (python) experiments. The online experiments always generate csv files. So if it’s online data you’re looking for then csv files are what you need

@chayabenyehuda credits you purchased this year but before the fire will only show up on tmplovia. They will be combined back into pavlovia over the next couple of days, but if you you really need to run then you can do so already on pavlovia (using the temporary license we’ve put in place for you).

To be clear, should those of us with less time-sensitive experiments still wait to use Pavlovia or are we good to go now?

Hi, I have only a week to finish off one of my experiments, and was waiting till the 19th, but I really need to get those couple of participants. I just want to clarify, should I use the tmpavlovia links to give my participants or the pavlovia links?


@sal If you could wait a few more days, we will soon have merged everything back in Strasbourg.
@gretat Since your experiment is time sensitive, I would encourage you to sync it with and give that link to your participants. is not available to run experiments, it is only available for people who need their data urgently to get them while we finish the recovery process. That process will have completed by mid-week, if all goes well.


thank you
the issue is that our experiment is supposed to run on prolific for 14 days and i don’t want to have problems of switching users in the middle.
my private user is available on pavlovia and the lab user with the credits is available only on tmplovia so i cannot run the experiment using the lab user.
if I start the experiment tomorrow will the temporary license be blocked in few days?

Then if you can wait a couple more days, everything will be back to normal and you won’t have to worry about a potential interruption.

Will the experiments previously available in my dashboard be automatically recovered in a couple of days? We had some experiments directly code with js and unfortunately weren’t saved in psychopy to sync.

@v404 all experiments are available now on either tmplovia (if created in Jan/Feb) or on pavlovia (if created after the fire) and in a day or so all will be merged into pavlovia.


I still can’t access my experiment on pavlovia… I can’t even login. When I open psychopy I get an unhandled internal error pop up. I’ve attached the error message. Not really sure what to do next. Any help would be much appreciated.


(Attachment psychopy_traceback.txt is missing)

Hey @george98,

Your attachment is missing. Instead, try copy-pasting it in a post surrounded by triple back-ticks (```). Meanwhile, are you able to login on the pavlovia website? And which one exactly? ( or

Best, Thomas