SONA crediting issue with some browsers (safari)

I have an online study recruiting through SONA systems such that participants are directed to the study site on Pavlovia with their ID number passed from SONA. They should then be redirected to SONA so that credit is granted automatically. This was all set up according to the documentation from SONA and PsychoPy.

This works for most participants, but around 1/3 of them either don’t receive credit, don’t save out data, or both. I’ve been able to ask a couple of these people what browser they used and both took the study on macOS Safari, so I suspect this is the issue but I’m not sure how to avoid/remedy this. My study does use code components to present corrective feedback, but that seems to run fine in all cases.

I haven’t found any posts on the forum directly related to either of these issues (credits or data) with regards to the browser used, but if I missed one please point me that way!

Hi Clay,

Did the MacOS Safari participants report having completed the study?

Best, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

They did, one even said he completed it a second time after noticing he didn’t get credited. Not sure what to make of that.

First off, sorry to hear you’ve had so many issues with running your experiment. Flaky experiments can be quite tricky to examine, so in my previous job I wrote a little manual to help out researchers in collecting information that can help debugging. I have to admit my work for PsychoJS is very focused on other aspects of the system, so I don’t have concrete tips available. I will ask around a bit, see if I can make some more informed recommendations.

For now, I do have some general suggestions:

  • If they succesfully completed the whole task, you can assume it’s not a technical issue on the side of their operating system or browser.
  • However, it could be the case that their internet connection drops while they are taking part in the task. In normal cases, if participants get to see the green dialog box that says “thank you for your patience”, then you can assume that internet was still connected and the data was sent to Pavlovia. In the case of Sona, that would mean they return to some Sona page.