Pavlovia URL and SONA credits


I am running an experiment in Pavlovia and I want to sync it with SONA so participants can automatically have their credits after completing the task.
I followed all the instructions recommended by SONA and the two platforms are synchronized.
However, participants do not automatically receive their credits.
One thing that I noticed is that my experiment URL in Pavlovia doesn’t include HTML or index. HTML.
I made the study inactive and switched it to running several times but still the HTML didn’t appear.
Can this be the reason that the credits are not automatically granted? If yes can I manually add the HTML at the end of the URL path? And finally is it just HTML or I need to also add index.HTML.


Pavlovia experiments no longer have html in them by default.

Please could you show a screenshot of your completed URL? Are you getting a particular error message?

Thank you so much for the quick response.
This is completed URL from SONA.
Participants reported that the automatic creditation failed. They didn’t report any particular error.
At the moment all participants are in an awaiting action for their credits in SONA.
When I ran the experiment myself via the sample link with embedded ID code i was never redirected back to SONA (as the instructions suggested).

I mean the completed URL from PsychoPy experiment settings.

This is the completed URL from PsychoPy extperiment

Your return URL looks fine, but I’ve spotted two errors.

  1. Your outward URL is missing /html
    GE [PsychoPy] gives an error
    GE [PsychoPy] is fine

  2. You’ve removed “participant” from the expInfo dialogue box.

So what do you recommend?
Should I add at the end of Pavlovia’s URL code /html and update it in SONA?

Is the participant dialogue box essential? We wanted to remove this in case participants entered their names.
Can i replace it with the info box i have replaced participant box?
To be honest I am confused with the first error. Sorry first time using Pavlovia.

The participants won’t see it if it has been prefilled by Sona.

o.k I will add the participant box in psychoPy.

Sorry to ask again is it o.k to manually add the HTML path at the end of the experiment’s URL?

Many thanks again for the help and quick response :slight_smile:

You manually added the URL to Sona but either added the wrong one or have edited your experiment since then to export your JS to an html folder.

Yes you can add html to Sona since at the moment I doubt anyone can do your experiment.

thank you for your response.

Both Pavlovia URLs were entered correctly in SONA and I didn’t do them manually.

The last change I made in the experiment and the last upload in Pavlovia was 1 day ago (according to my log). I have a participant who successfully ran the experiment 13 hours ago so the experiment works.

My only issue was with the credits but I will follow your recommendations and hopefully, it will work :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the help.