Pavlovia and SONA credit

Hi, can anyone help with this issue? I have been trying to link my Pavlovia survey to the Sona platform. So that participants can gain credit when they complete the survey.

I have followed the steps on the following website: PsychoPy (Pavlovia) Help Page · Sona Systems. THEY DO NOT WORK- get an error when starting and opening the survey

But it either comes up with an error, or it does not redirect me back to the Sona size as it says should I says in the three-step check process on the integration website

We have tried to put the completion URL in the settings options in Pavlovia AND in the general settings in the survey. and we get an error on the Sona site

when Checking & Testing my Pavlovia link on SONA. I get this error when I click the Sample Link with Embedded ID Code on SONA to test the link.

Are you familiar with this error? Can you help? To give context, I have added the “You can also configure it so that participants receive credit in the system immediately after finishing the survey. If you are using PsychoPy (Pavlovia), add ?participant=%SURVEY_CODE% to the end of the URL to make use of this feature.” to link the link as proposed by SONA.

When I put in this link, instead of the one ending ?participant=%SURVEY_CODE%, it seems to work without the error with &participant=%SURVEY_CODE%

When I use this link, it works, but it does not redirect me back to the Sona site, which in turn does not allow participants to get their credit, as said. When I complete the tasks shown in Integration Test Help Page · Sona Systems in the Checking & Testing, it does work as follows. Instead, the study opens but does not bring me back to the SONA site as it should for participants to gain credits.

The instructions you’ve linked to are for PsychoPy experiments on Pavlovia rather than for Pavlovia Surveys. The code for a completion URL in Pavlovia Surveys is ‘URL? participant’ + {participant}

Is there a working example page online of how to set Sona up for use with Survey? From experimentation yesterday it also seems to need to delete the leading $" of the version of instructions for Experiment on Pavlovia as otherwise it just sends you to a non-existent Pavlovia page

Here’s an example that I’ve checked works on our system.

In SONA (Study URL)

In Pavlovia Surveys (completion URL on survey overview page

'' + {participant}

Sample link with embedded ID