SONA Qualtrics Pavlovia SONA

Hi, I am trying to do SONA->Qualtrics->Pavlovia->SONA and to automatically grant credit when participants complete the study.

I followed these steps from a previous thread. My problem is SONA is not automatically granting credits to the participants although their data is saved in qualtrics and pavlovia.

After pavlovia redirected to SONA, it showed the uncredited participant this:
even though the participant was logged in to SONA previously.

This is my qualtrics flow:

  1. The first ID is to give participant 4 digit ID which they can enter to pavlovia so I can match the data
  2. The second ID is for the SONA credit

This is the link I put at end of qualtrics survey to redirect to pavlovia:${e://Field/id} 

This is the link I put at Pavlovia->Experiment settings->Online->Completed URL:


Does anyone know where I went wrong? Perhaps the 2 ID settings at qualtrics or my pavlovia->SONA link?

I am not familiar with coding or coding terms so I think I ignored some answers from previous threads.

Incase this is relevant, I am using the same qualtrics and pavlovia for non-sona participants. Even though at the end they might be redirected to sona, it still saves their qualtrics and pavlovia files.

Thank you.


Here you are using Qualtrics code as well as PsychoPy. Try deleting ${e://Field/id}

You have also misspelled participant.