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Running PsychoPy-experiment on several lab computers at the same time, making adjustments from the main computer

Dear all,

we are setting up a PsychoPy-experiment in a behavioural laboratory with several computers. That means, we could test up to 30 participants at the same time in the lab. So far, we run the experiment in individual sessions only (one participant per session). Now, I am wondering whether any of you has experience with running a PsychoPy-experiment from the main computer (of the experimenter) on several sub computers (of the participants). I would like to be able to make the adjustments for each sub computer on the main computer (e.g. enter participant ID, start experiment) instead of going through the lab and make the adjustments at each computer. Is there any direct option in PsychoPy or does anyone of you has experience with another environment, in which I can make those adjustments on each computer?

Looking forward to your ideas.
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This is likely a great use-case for running your experiment online via rather than using 30 separate installations of PsychoPy. That way, you’ll also have the bonus of the data from all 30 subjects being collated centrally on the Pavlovia server.

I’m shady on the details of whether or not you can distribute individual URLs to your subjects to handle specific IDs, or whether you’d just be happy for that to be handled automatically, which is probably simpler. I’m sure @dvbridges or @jon will be able to advise on the subject management side.

Check out these pages for an intro to the online capability:

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Thank you for your answer. That already helps a lot!