How to host a psychopy experiment on a lab website

Dear psychopy experts,

I am new to PsychoPy. I’m wondering if there is any way to host an experiment coded in psychopy on a lab website instead of using Pavlovian?


This has been asked and answered several times already. We don’t support that. Is this to avoid paying for the service, or is it a local restriction preventing you from being allowed to use external services?

Hi Jon,

Excuse me if this is a repeated question. Our goal is not to develop the experiment, but to host it online, so subjects can do it remotely. We already have a E-prime version and a Java version of the same experiment, but they don’t go well with remote test. That’s why we think about Psychopy. Ideally, we would like subjects to be able to access the experiments from our website and use our own lab server to collect the raw data. But if that’s not possible, I would like to know more about Pavlovia.

I’m not familiar with Pavlovia. If we put a link to a pavlovia experiment on our website, does that mean anyone can have access to it? If not, how could we limit the access only to our own subjects? Also, how is the experiment charged on Pavlovia? I will need to collect these information before discussing the platform with my PI.


Hey Lily,

You could probably host a link to the experiment on your website - you could also use URL parameters to set a password/validation variable:

For instance - you could include a tag in the URL that indicates that the experiment was accessed from your site, and filter out the (likely rare) cases that don’t have that tag.

All the details about charges are on the Pavlovia website - think it’s about 5p per session or you can get a site license