Running a multi-player experiment online

I was wondering whether it would be possible to run an experiment that involves the interaction of groups of participants. No need for video or audio, but participants need to be active at the same time and see each others responses etc.


Hi Martijnwokke :),

I’m afraid this isn’t possible yet. We’ve got some form of central tracking of experiment/participant states on our wishlist though.

Best, Thoma

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This isn’t currently possible in PsychoPy. If you didn’t care about sub second timings then it might be within my capabilities in PHP:MySQL.

Another possibility is who demoed a multiplayer experiment to ATSiP (the Association of Technical Staff in Psychology) last June.

Thanks!! How are you??!

I also came across this one:

Happen to know anything about that? :slight_smile:



Well, working for PsychoPy I am :). How are you?

About Lioness: Wouter vd Bos, UvA, is quite enthustiastic about it.

Cool, PsychoPy Yoda you become!

Ah I will ask him, thanks a lot! See you in Amsterdam at some point :slight_smile:

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