Running experiment locally on multiple computers - syncronizing with Pavlovia

Hi everyone,
This is my first experiment using PsychoPy and my original plan was to run it online, but I didn’t realise that it was not free. So I had to change to testing locally on multiple computers at the same time, however I couldn’t find any tutorials on how to syncronize the experiment on Pavlovia to the local computers and how to collect the data from each computer.
I will use around 10 computers at the same time.
Could someone guide me or recommend a tutorial on how I can set up the local computers and how I will get the data?
Thank you

When you press the sync button in Builder then any new local data files will be uploaded to Pavlovia and any new data files on Pavlovia will be downloaded to the local computer.

You can have several computers synced to the same experiment. However if you make a change to the psyexp file on one computer then for each other one you will need to open the builder file, sync to get the update and then open the builder file again to load the new version.

Thank you! Is the data automatically collected from each computer to Pavlovia or do I need to do something manually for that to happen?

You have to press the sync button to upload to Pavlovia.

Sorry, but I’m still confused. Do I need to purchase credit to do so?

No. Credits are for collecting data online