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A rather general question on running experiments online

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Hi all! I am totaly new to psychopy and pavlovia so pls apologise, if my question is a kind of naive. I created my first experiment in Builder view and uploaded it to pavlovia. Almost everything (except of feedback, which now seems to be fixed) worked perfectly.

Before I recruit participants, I would like to clarify for my research group and for myself, if there are any recommendations/requirements on the hardware and software, and internet connection on the side of a participant. As everybody here knows, small differences in stimulus presentation and reaction times (RT) can make a big deal. For example, would it make a difference in RT if a participant has some background processes running on his or her computer vs not? Does it matter, if the participant uses Mac or Windows? Should other internet windows on the participants’ PC be closed before clicking on the link sent from pavlovia?
If there are any already solved questions or studies on this topic pls let me know.


hi Viktoria, The answer provided by @Michael here: Mouse or keyboard? Precision focus on that, the preprint recommended answers some of the questions you asked.

Thank you! Your link was helpful.