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Removing logo from the dialogue box


My experiment is covered by a license and so, the logo of our university appears in the dialogue box. This logo is large and causes participants not to see the dialogue box well and some of them just close the box. Since they are redirected from Qualtrics to Pavlovia, they think that they have finished the experiment. I lost several participants because of this issue. Is there a way to remove the logo or change its size?

PS. I cannot see any license tab in my dashboard/account.

This document mentions a “Logo URL” that apparently lets you change the Logo, but I’m not sure about removing. Cannot check myself as I don’t have a license, but perhaps it may be of use to you.

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Thank you Nicholas. I have seen this document, but the problem is that there is no license tab on my dashboard.

This might best be taken up with the licence manager at your institution (who will have access to that tab in their dashboard). Can you talk to them about trying something smaller? They are probably unaware of the issue.

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Thanks Michael. I contacted them and they will fix it.