Reassign assigned credits

URL of old experiment: Pavlovia
URL of new experiment: Pavlovia
Description of the problem:
[(@snip) currently have: 27 available or assigned credits.
We would need these 27 credits to be reassigned to the new “pictures_online_study-master_072022”

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issue solved
no further support needed

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Hello, I have the same issue : assigned credits to an old experiment that I would like to make available again, how did you manage to solve it ?
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so i went the experiment with the credits and made it inactive. And I clicked on "Release reserved credits ". Then the credits become available again for the experiment you wish to run.
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Hello, thank you for your reply. I had already tried that but it doesn’t work for some reason…
I’ll try to find something else!
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To release assigned credits from an experiment, drag the bar tin the bottom left of the experiment page to the left.

Thank you! Because the experiment was inactivated I couldn’t see the bar on the experiment page!
I also have 28 credits assigned to a deleted experiment (Pavlovia) is there anyway to also release those or are they lost forever? I already try setting this deleted experiment to ‘running’ but I only got so far as ‘inactive’.
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Dear @LnDum ,

With my apologies for the delay, I have just made those credits available to you again.
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Thank you!