Releasing assigned credits from deleted experiment

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I have 424 available credits, but about 291 credits are assigned to an experiment that I deleted (pwexperiments/fluency_faces). Is there a way that I can release these assigned credits so that they’re available to transfer to another experiment? If anyone can help me to resolve this problem, I’d appreciate it!

I thought this was fixed. Please could you confirm that the credits are still missing after 24 hours?

@wakecarter This study was deleted back around November of 2022, and my credits weren’t released since then. Thank you for your help!

Any updates on this? We need our credits asap, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello @jy16 ,

I have just released those credits for you. You are good to go.
With my apologies for the delay.


@apitiot Thank you so much! If you don’t mind, could you also look into this problem that I posted recently? Assigned credit error on Pavlovia

There seems to be a credit mismatch in one of our studies- thank you!

Hi! I have the same problem :confused:

What is your username and which study was deleted?

My username is csander and the study name is pep-sti1.

Hello @csander,

I cannot find an experiment with the name pep-sti1. Neither on GitLab nor on the pavlovia server. Can you double check the name?
Best wishes,


Would you be able to find evidence of a deleted experiment?

Ah yes indeed. That particular study was most recently deleted in June 2023.